New York Native and Certified Gemologist, Jessica Surloff, is up-and-coming in the fine jewelry design scene–adored by editors and stylists alike for her incredible eye for using unique colored gemstones.  Her affinity for all things art, fashion and jewelry led her to working in various positions in the fashion industry, before pursuing her lifelong dream of jewelry design.

Always on the lookout for uniquely beautiful and natural gemstones, Surloff collects natural cats’ eye rubies, sapphires, chrysoberyls and opals to incorporate into her pieces, relishing detail and the finishing touches on each of her signature works. She also has an attraction to aquamarine, jet, citrine and Peruvian pink opal cabochons, which often make an appearance in her jewelry. Jessica says, “Choosing beautiful gemstones is part of the amazing process of putting together the designs and creating pieces to be worn and cherished. I’m hoping the woman who wears one of my designs will always feel special in them.”